Thee Gnostics Space Rock Band



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Born of experimental psychedelic matmos tempered with Arabian syncopation squelched with fuzz and delusional jazz turned drudge - thee Gnostics landed on earth in 2092 or at least their atoms junged to medieval Beatnik space feasts of fantasy jam jammed with futuristic tales and seismic wails to ride the forces of groovity awaking oracles from their snoracles.

Drum guitar guitar bass theremin sitar moog vocal vocal vocal was their path to transcending knowledge to the realm of vibeatude and as a fine Figmentalisticanarianismist once fancied... a nod is as good as a wink and that is not my dog. Don't worry, be happy for digression metas you to node zero.

What might waking two dead bikers, space gun battling Bolivian Troubadours, charming surrogate-snake psychedelicately painted felines to frenzy, kazanging waves into the setting solarplasm from the yellow line of Barton, dotting the bald noggins of the Hare Krishna with delicious drops of amoebaed chartreuse and teal, masking the ancient Egyptians before a tribal thunder, hypnotizing Tivoli in its long lost wonder, banging beneath flugaltubes echoings through now crumbled Synagogue, untangling poetics on vine, gyrating gesticulations above mud wrestling swine, and miraculously copulating cacophony with no hands or was it four hands - have in common?

Yes... all Gnostic shows in the heart of a city that embraced or raced to the Speedway, Amigos, Vishnu Ramas, Egyptian Feasts, Red Dungeons, Cosmic Ray's, thee X Club and a clobber of clubs and apostrophes of art parties to see these lads clad in space - silver robes and helmets of kitsch wielding chrome saucers of sound at explicitly exploding volumes - infinitely landing for the treasure of take off.

Here are songs compiled on the Purple Seas of Gorgolon with dueling moogs of Origin 5 past Scarlet Seaweed in the sea of space visions Deep Within Your Mind of Dr. Noxvomicus consuming Supernova and belching Atomic Fireball - it's gonna get you all!

Cluug Moins 08